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Taking Customer Experience to a New Level; How Emerging Technologies are Shaping the Future of Customer Experience

Panel Discussion with Mike Cromwell, Andrew Pryfogle, Aakash Kumar, Matt Lautz and Pete Lee

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Mike Cromwell - Moderator

Managing Partner

EagleTEQ Advisors

Mike is a results oriented, passionate, high energy, driven, award winning senior executive with 30... More

Andrew Pryfogle - Panelist

Founder & CEO

CX Effect

CX Effect is purpose built to help partners build full-stack CX solutions for their medium... More

Aakash Kumbar - Panelist

Founder & CEO


Aakash Kumbar is the Founder & CEO of Shiftsmart, the revolutionary workforce marketplace built on... More

Matt Lautz - Panelist

CEO & Owner


Matt Lautz is the CEO & Owner of Neostella, a software implementation and consulting firm... More

Pete Lee - Panelist

Vice President of Global Sales & Alliances


Pete Lee is a Seed/Series A/Series B Technology Executive providing organizational wide leadership... More